Paris Design Week – Wallpaper Magazine Highlights

‘Unmissable moments from the Autumn edition of Paris Design Week’

At D2S we have been reading up on a variety of highlights from the media from Paris Design Week.
Below is the article from Wallpaper Magazine

Visions / Perceptions by Calico Wallpaper, John Hogan, and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio at Triode Design Gallery
With summer spirit slowly petering, Europe jolts into back-to-school mode with the flurry of Autumn fairs. The September edition of Paris Design Week is a highly anticipated player, kicking off with plenty of brands poised to launch at Maison et Objet fair. This season’s event also includes a focus on US rising talents, and a solo installation of this year’s Designer of the Year, Paris-based Laura Gonzalez. Meanwhile in town, new galleries bloom and group showcases play with perception – keep track of the Wallpaper* highlights here…
Raw Edges for Vitra

Raw Edges for Vitra

‘One of the key elements of the installation is our family’s obsession with creating the Herringbone pattern by dipping every possible object in colourful dye at a 45 degrees,’ says Raw Edges about their exhibition for VitraHaus last year. The theme stems from the London-based designer’s Salone del Mobile 2016 exhibition that saw the duo experiment with the technique to create the Herringbone’s ambient effect. At Maison et Objet, they are launching an accessory collection with this pattern for the first time, a range of pillows, wooden trees and vessels, all taking on pigmented pattern in unique ways.


Maison et Objet, 93420 Villepinte, France

Maison Dentsu

New gallery on the block, Maison Dentsu are inaugurating with an installation on marble. Alluding to the old French expression ‘He (she) is well marbled!’ referencing someone’s persona that is inclined go away from the norms, they are inviting French designers including Ora Ito, Matthais Kiss, José Levy, Florence Louisy and Pierre Frey to showcase their works in intriguing marble tones from Peach blossom to Belgium Black. Maison Dentsu encourage guests to discover these eclectic pieces in the homely gallery aura that is described a ‘space for co-creation and think-tank.’

176 rue de Rivoli – 75001 Paris. Photography: Matthieu Salvaing
Trans: Forming Design from Poland

Polish Design

Polish design and manufacturing gets a moment in the spotlight at the fair. In a new initiative by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, designers are being paired with manufacturers from the country in an effort to boost the industry’s design credentials. Ten collaborations will debut, marking a new moment for Polish-made and branded furniture. Read more about the initiative here.

Maison et Objet, 93420 Villepinte, France. Photography: Marek Swoboda
Anima at Galerie Diurine

Aminima at Galerie DIURNE

Inside Marcel Zelmanovitch’s woven haven, a new era of rugs launched with a minimal aesthetic in mind. Presented as art pieces against a collection of ceramics by Jean-François Delorme, the wool, linen, hemp or silk muted works hone in on the meticulous craft and materiality. ‘Everything lies and remains in material effects. AMINIMA, for us, means minimal ornamentation. But we could have called this collection “amaxima” as the sole purpose of any ornamentation is to enhance the subtle matter produced by our craftsmanship, as much and as best as possible,’ says Zelmanovitch.

50 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris
Ann Demeulemeester for Serax

Ann Demeulemeester for Serax

For the fashion designer’s first foray into homeware, she looked to the elements, earth, fire and water for experimental pieces for Belgian brand Serax. Launching at Maison et Objet, the elegant pieces include cutlery, glassware and artistic plates. Read about Demeulemeester’s inspiration behind the collection here.

Maison et Objet, 93420 Villepinte, France
Moire Mobile by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Moire Mobile by Ladies & GentlemanAt Triode Design Gallery, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio presents its latest series of ethereal mobiles at its Visions / Perceptions exhibition. Made of perforated sheets of metal, coerced into different optical forms, moving with the air and overlapping to create an apparent kinetic energy. Made at their Brooklyn studio, these mobiles join new works by fellow US designers, Calico Wallpaper and John Hogan, bringing together a visual fantasy.

28 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

Alain Gilles and BuzziSpace in Milan

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is in the air and Salone del Mobile Milano, is nearly here.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 19.07.21

We have always been fans of both BuzziSpace and Alain Gilles. This years sees a collaboration in Milan during the fair from April 17th to 22nd. Belgian Designer, Alain Gilles will be set up in the BRERA zone. Be sure to go along if you are visiting the fair or in town.

If you’re searching for BuzziSpace, they will be in Milan at ‘A Secret Garden’, described as an “Oasis for culture and relaxing”.

D2S is excited to go along to the fair after several years of attending. We’ll be reporting back from many of the favourite brands, as well as the many Belgian designers who will be participating as part of the ‘Belgium is Design’ concept.

Let us know if you will be there!

(pic Alain Gilles)

D2S Office ‘Objects of Desire’ 

This post was originally shared in our D2S Facebook page.

We are loving this colourful mood board, showing an array of mustard yellows, teal blues and bright accent colours of orange within neutral base of off-whites for our new D2S office space. 

A mix of objects and textiles from various decades. The stunning original abstract painting of the favelas from Rio de Janeiro, to the 1920’s antique opaline vases that have been hand painted in exotic colours and would not be out of place in the high street retailers today. 

The 1960’s bright orange vase and the blue candle holder from the Istanbul flee market. Mixing vintage, antique and contemporary high street, with flee market objects can definitely create a unique style and is very much what D2S practices regularly.

Textiles have some geometric and ethnic prints mixed with rich velvets. We adore the contemporary light which takes influence from the mix of Memphis period with a hint of the mid-century timeless Louis Kalff light for Philips. 

This look we are glad to say has been fairly economical to achieve, as we strongly believe in mixing vintage, designer to high street can achieve an individual look that reflects your own style. 
‘Style’ as we say cannot be bought, but rather achieved through carefully curated objects of desire.


We love these amazing office designs that we seen in site. They are completely varied in style on concepts. Using interesting geometric shapes to the variety of objects included in the wall designs.

It got us thinking in how important it is to have an office design that communicates your company and brand identity.

It’s important that if it’s a global brand, with a corporate interior design, it’s still interesting to incorporate local influences in regional offices, whist maintaining the ‘red line’ of the corporate brand design.

D2S in one of our first large office projects, for the global company Kone, did just this for the regional office for Benelux.

We had a look at the minimal styled corporate office design, which was based in Helsinki. With the regional office based in Brussels, we wanted to take some of the local influences. These included looking at local Artists and furniture Designers.

Of course there are always budget restraints in any project and indeed we were lucky enough to be able to include some furniture from acclaimed Belgian Designers Quinze and Milan.

It was also crucial to include influences that related to the company. Kone was all about technology and creativity. So, it was important to research on furniture companies that integrated technology in their design processes. We managed to Partner and source a company that used leading cutting edge ‘smart’ technology in their office furniture. This was ideal for the project.

Fortunately, we impressed the Board and they loved the total concept. We are convinced, this is due to the initial research we did on understanding the company and pin pointing the brand identity. Therefore, we could during the concept and design development phase, translate this into the successful brand interior design.

We thoroughly enjoyed this whole process and we are fortunate to use this project which we completed a few years ago, as a reference for many of our current projects and future projects.

3D Printing with Sketch-up and i.materialise

D2S has always loved to use Sketch-up for developing floor plans and 3D renderings for our projects. We have even encouraged our D2S young boys to start experimenting with it recently.  It certainly helps they have an awareness of the 3D ‘world’ with enticing games such as minecraft, etc.

(Above -minecraft 3D stadium by Raees Spinnoy)

After reading the i.materialise blog, we are tempted to experiment further and see if we can develop our own model print outs.  We are encouraging  our children to print objects for school projects. Such as the recent project for our eldest; ‘Analogue vs Digital’, inspired with origami techniques which he loves to make, with a mix of D2S influence via Karim Rashids talks that we have attended in the past.

This brings us to the i.materialise blog post that we share with you. In which some of the amazing designs from jewellery to model trams that have been developed by Designers and printed using Sketch-up.

What does this inspire you to design and print?

3D Wallpaper

D2S loves some of the digital printed wall coverings out there. We especially love how technology and design are moving forward, with the creation these 3D designs. These new collection of wallcovering designs between the unusual collaboration of Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo, are definitely worth checking out!  Have a read at this Dezeen article on some of these amazing 3D wallpapers. Article and pictures are from Dezeen.