3D Printing with Sketch-up and i.materialise

D2S has always loved to use Sketch-up for developing floor plans and 3D renderings for our projects. We have even encouraged our D2S young boys to start experimenting with it recently.  It certainly helps they have an awareness of the 3D ‘world’ with enticing games such as minecraft, etc.

(Above -minecraft 3D stadium by Raees Spinnoy)

After reading the i.materialise blog, we are tempted to experiment further and see if we can develop our own model print outs.  We are encouraging  our children to print objects for school projects. Such as the recent project for our eldest; ‘Analogue vs Digital’, inspired with origami techniques which he loves to make, with a mix of D2S influence via Karim Rashids talks that we have attended in the past.

This brings us to the i.materialise blog post that we share with you. In which some of the amazing designs from jewellery to model trams that have been developed by Designers and printed using Sketch-up.

What does this inspire you to design and print?

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