D2S Office ‘Objects of Desire’ 

This post was originally shared in our D2S Facebook page.

We are loving this colourful mood board, showing an array of mustard yellows, teal blues and bright accent colours of orange within neutral base of off-whites for our new D2S office space. 

A mix of objects and textiles from various decades. The stunning original abstract painting of the favelas from Rio de Janeiro, to the 1920’s antique opaline vases that have been hand painted in exotic colours and would not be out of place in the high street retailers today. 

The 1960’s bright orange vase and the blue candle holder from the Istanbul flee market. Mixing vintage, antique and contemporary high street, with flee market objects can definitely create a unique style and is very much what D2S practices regularly.

Textiles have some geometric and ethnic prints mixed with rich velvets. We adore the contemporary light which takes influence from the mix of Memphis period with a hint of the mid-century timeless Louis Kalff light for Philips. 

This look we are glad to say has been fairly economical to achieve, as we strongly believe in mixing vintage, designer to high street can achieve an individual look that reflects your own style. 
‘Style’ as we say cannot be bought, but rather achieved through carefully curated objects of desire.