Can Design Help Shrink The Empathy Deficit?

This article goes hand in hand with the recent Conferences I attended here in Brussels. From the Shaping European Cities, to the informative EU Design Days organised by ERRIN, at the Flemish Parliament / Vlaams Parliament recently. Good to hear from the Policy makers with the ‘EU Action Plan’ and discuss ‘how we deal with the future challenges in the field of Eco-Design, Strategic Design and Social Innovation’. I hope together with the many strategic thinkers and change makers I had the pleasure to meet, we can together share and make further improvements to the value chains of the some of the sectors we touched on. I sincerely look forward to the brain storming sessions with the contacts at ERRIN, based here in Brussels.

In the meantime I thought I would share this interesting article that was published by the UK Design Council via Linkedin. .

Can Design Help Shrink The Empathy Deficit?